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Guided by our values we strive for the highest level of professional and personal care and service while utilizing the latest advances in physiotherapy, sport medicine, and health care to treat the underlying cause of your problem.

Sport Medicine Temporarily On Hold

InSync Physiotherapy - Athletic Taping & Bracing Treatment

Registered Physicians (MD) are trained in the art and sport science (CASEM) in healing the human body by using health care principles to prevent and treat illness in athletes.

Sport Medicine uses specialized training and skills to assist patients of all ages to be able to continue healthy active lifestyles. It is the promotion of lifelong wellness and fitness, as well as in prevention, diagnosis and management of illness and injury.


InSync Physiotherapy - Physio Bosu Treatment
Registered Physiotherapists (PT)

Registered Physiotherapists (PT) are trained in assessing and providing hands-on manual therapy treatment and exercise prescription to address movement dysfunction. We personalize individual treatment programs to prevent physical impairments, disabilities and to restore overall function.

Sport Physiotherapy

These are also registered Physiotherapists (PT), who organizes and directs programs for pre-season screening, first aid, rehabilitation, education and counseling for athletes, coaches and others concerned with sports. He/she may work directly with athletes or may undertake a consulting role for sports organizations. At InSync Physiotherapy, we have therapists that have obtained additional post-graduate training through Sport Physiotherapy Canada and have earned a Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy or are in the process of doing so.

Manual Therapy
InSync Physiotherapy - Manual Therapy Treatment

This can involve many different physical hands on treatment techniques using gentle to moderate strength joint mobilizations, joint manipulations, soft tissue mobilizations, muscle energy, active release, myofascial release, neural mobilizations (nerve tissue) At InSync Physiotherapy we have physiotherapists that have undergone specific post-graduate studies in advanced manual therapy and manipulation that can assess and treat your injuries and their underlying causes. Those who have completed their training have earned the title (FCAMT) Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy.

InSync Physiotherapy - Manipulation Treatment

These are stronger hands on techniques that are used to help restore alignment and joint movements. It is the use of high speed, small, movement thrust of one bone to improve the motion of the joint between two bones. It is an effective method to restore the normal mobility and reduce pain at a specific joint.

Prior to a manipulation is performed, you will be asked specific questions and different safety tests will be performed to ensure that manipulation is a safe and appropriate technique for you.

Exercise Prescription

Being able to recognize incorrect movement patterns, Physiotherapists at InSync Physiotherapy can prescribe exercises to help you regain optimal movement and function of the body.

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Registered Massage Therapy

InSync Physiotherapy - Massage

Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) are trained in the assessment and treatment of soft tissue of the body, prevention of injury, pain and physical disorders.

Registered massage therapy uses many hands on techniques to help improve circulation, reduce muscle tone, and to restore function and mobility to the tissue and joints of the body. Your treatments will take place in a relaxing setting where your therapist will work with you to personalize your sessions based on your specific goals in order to maximize your health and vitality to the body as a whole.

Massage therapy is an effective drug-free research based therapeutic treatment for many conditions such as:

  • Migraine headaches
  • Arthritis
  • TMJ (Jaw) dysfunctions
  • Tendonitis
  • Over-use injuries
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Sport Injuries and to improve athletic performance and fitness
  • Pregnancy / post pregnancy

What to Expect?

Working collaboratively with you, your massage therapist will perform a thorough assessment to identify and address the areas of the body that would benefit from treatment. Specific strengthening, stretching, posture and range of motion exercises may also be a part of your post treatment.

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Sport Injuries

At InSync Physiotherapy, we have physiotherapists that have extensive experience working with athletes from recreational, amateur to elite levels of competition. We have sport physiotherapy trained physiotherapists that have undergone extensive training through Sport Physiotherapy Canada's post-graduate training program. Our approach to treatment can encompass a variety of things that will help you return to sport & activity such as manual therapy, exercise prescription taping, functional sports screening assessments, and collaboration with coaches.

Exercise Prescription
InSync Physiotherapy - Exercise Prescription

Preventative & rehabilitative individual exercise prescription to help you not only recover from your injuries but to also get you back into the level of competition before your injury. This will also incorporate functional sport / activity drills, core stabilization & strengthening (strengthening the spine after a leg or arm injury can help with injury prevention and also increase torque & force produced in the arms or legs).

Athletic Taping & Bracing
InSync Physiotherapy - Athletic Taping & Bracing Treatment

Taping and Bracing can be used to provide relief from pain, control swelling and support & compression for acute injuries. It can also provide effective support to hypermobile or unstable joints and sensory input to increase proprioception (ie; knee, ankle, shoulder, wrist joints).

At InSync Physiotherapy Sport Injuries clinic, we have physiotherapist trained through Sport Physiotherapy Canada that have the knowledge and skills to apply taping and bracing techniques to help you achieve your specific functional goal.

Functional Sports Screening Assessment
InSync Physiotherapy - Functional Balance Exercises

This is a specific assessment used to screen the athlete's mobility, flexibility, strength, and alignment. It is aimed at the specific needs of the athlete's particular sport. Any deficits in mobility & strength, asymmetries in mobility & strength, and patterns of abnormal movement are identified. Specific therapeutic exercises are then prescribed to help correct these deficiencies to prevent injury and improve athletic performance. This assessment is a useful tool for competitive to recreational athletes that are interested in injury prevention and optimizing performance. At InSync Physiotherapy, we have Physiotherapists that perform these specialized one-hour assessments.

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InSync Physiotherapy - Acupuncture Treatment

Registered Acupuncturists take on a holistic approach in viewing health to treat the root of an illness. Chinese Medicine treats the symptoms presented, but also focuses on the entire body while considering the patient's emotional and spiritual well-being, diet, lifestyle and environment.

Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles through the skin at specific points in the body used to promote healing, decrease pain and improve function.

Acupuncture facilitates the natural healing of the body. It can assist in the treatment of many conditions such as back and neck pain, jaw pain, headaches, arthritis, tendonitis, neuropathies or nerve dysfunctions, post-surgical, sports related injuries, numerous problems of muscles and joints related to the nervous system, overall physical dysfunction due to visceral, circulatory or respiratory problems. Most people feel little to no discomfort with the very fine acupuncture needles but can often feel what is described as "Qi" (pronounced Chee), or a dull ache in the area(s) where the needles are applied.

InSync Physiotherapy - Acupuncture Treatment

Studies reveal evidence that acupuncture can positively influence the physiology of the body's response to injury and disease by releasing hormones that naturally occur in the body as well as providing a natural anti-inflammatory to aid the body in soft tissue healing. Working together with you these treatments can be geared towards getting you back in sync to work, sport or play in a natural way.

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Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)

InSync Physiotherapy - IMS Treatment

IMS uses the same fine needles that are used in acupuncture to treat tight muscle bands that are implicated in many chronic and painful conditions such as neck and back pain as well as many other soft tissue injuries. However IMS differs from acupuncture in its application because physical signs as opposed to the non-scientific meridians of Chinese acupuncture indicate the needle insertion. IMS is based on known scientific, neurophysiologic principles.

Pain that shows no obvious sign of tissue damage or inflammation such as headaches, backaches, "tennis elbow", "frozen shoulder", chronic muscle pain and a host of other soft tissue complaints are difficult to treat with traditional methods.

The concept of "neuropathic pain" can help to explain this type of pain. Typically this occurs when nerves malfunction following minor irritation. Nerves and nerve endings become extremely sensitive and cause normal, harmless signals to be exaggerated and misperceived as painful ones. This is known as supersensitivity. The result is pain, even when medical tests show there is "nothing wrong".

The most common cause of nerve irritation and neuropathic pain is spondylosis, which means degeneration in the spine; this can be the result of normal wear and tear to the discs and the joints of the spine. These wear and tear changes create narrowing of the discs and joints. Less space at the joints can cause irritation at the nerve roots. Thus spondylosis can lead to neuropathy and supersensitivity with resultant muscle spasm in the muscle groups supplied by that nerve. Chronic muscle spasm can lead to muscle shortening which produces pain by pulling on tendons and straining them as well as distressing the joints they move. Muscle shortening also increases wear and tear and contributes to degenerative changes such as tendinopathy and osteoarthritis.

Supersensitivity cannot be operated on and muscle shortening from the supersensitivity cannot be readily stretched out. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication only mask the pain. The goal of IMS is to release muscle shortening which presses on and irritates the nerves. Supersensitive areas can be desensitized and the persistent pull of shortened muscles can be released with IMS.

The needle insertion into your skin is often not felt and if your muscle is normal, the application is painless. If, however your muscle is supersensitive and shortened you will feel a sensation like a cramp or a Charlie horse as the needling causes the abnormal muscle shortening to intensify very briefly and then release. This is a distinctive type of discomfort caused by the muscle grasping the needle, which then very quickly disappears and is followed by a feeling of relaxation in the muscle. It is important to experience this sensation in order to gain lasting relief. The effects of IMS are cumulative – needling stimulates a certain amount of healing, until eventually the condition can more fully recover and pain dissipates and muscles loosen.

Treatments are usually once a week but can be spread out to two weeks, to allow time between treatments for the body to heal itself. The number of treatments you require will vary depending upon several factors such as the duration and extent of your condition, the amount of scar tissue there is and how quickly your body can heal. The rate of healing depends on the condition of your nerves and the amount of previous nerve irritation. If the pain is of recent origin, one or two treatments may be all that is necessary. More chronic problems will probably require more treatments. In published studies of patients with low back pain, the average number of IMS treatments required was 8.2.

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What To Expect


No doctor's referral required.
  • Visits: 30 to 60 minutes in duration with a one–on–one focus.
  • Clothing: Please wear non-restrictive clothing such as shorts and a T-shirt or tank top for your visit.
  • Private Plan Coverage (see below)
  • Check with your extended health plans for coverage.
  • Visits: variable.
  • Accepted claims on motor vehicle accidents.
  • Visit duration: variable.
WorkSafeBC (WCB) Burnaby Location Only
  • No charge–there is no fee for accepted claims.
  • Please note that for no fee to be charged to you, an accepted claim is required–if your claim is NOT accepted, and treatment has commenced, then you are responsible for the full payment of all fees.
  • Visit duration:variable.

Sport Medicine Temporarily On Hold

Doctor's referral is required.
  • Covered under MSP.
  • If you require futher information or assistance, please contact us.
  • Visits: One–on–one with a medical physician trained in sport and exercise science (Diploma in Sport Medicine).


No doctor's referral required.

Massage Therapy

No doctor's referral required.

Private Plan Coverage

  • Check with your private health care insurance plans as coverage may vary in terms of what you are eligible for.
  • We can directly bill your health care insurance provider(s), or issue receipts which may be used to gain reimbursement from your health care provider(s).
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  • Wil Seto has been the physiotherapist for the Australian Men’s Masters (over 33 years old) team for the last two World Championships Campaigns. He has provided top-level support to the team in managing injury as well as keeping tired aching bodies in top condition for the next day’s play. He has managed our recovery program, massaged and manipulated pain out of our bodies, provided strapping for every imaginable body part and helped us to prepared for the big events. Having Wil on our sideline has contributed strongly to our two consecutive World Championship semi-finals and winning the bronze medal in Prague in 2010. Wil has personally helped me to overcome chronic back pain while playing elite ultimate and I cannot thank him enough for the effective work that he has done with me over the years. As a physiotherapist myself, I feel very comfortable recommending this remarkable professional and hope that we will be able to lure him again to come and work with the Australian team in 2012. Read more

    Piers Truter, Director, High Performance, Australian Flying Disc Assoc.
  • Getting Wil to treat my sore neck, shoulders, lower back and hips has been a life-changing experience. I have seen many other physiotherapists in the past, but it wasn’t until I went to Wil that I have regained full motion in these areas after years of improper misuse and a car accident. My performance in ballet, climbing and cross-country skiing has improved immensely and I have an increased body awareness that will help me take care of myself long-term. I am more flexible, more symmetrical and can be more active. Going to Wil is like accessing a number of sport-therapy treatments all at once: he can offer a ‘big picture’ therapy session using his wide-ranging expertise in IMS – Intramuscular stimulation, physiotherapy adjustments, and a keen knowledge of sport specific movements. Thanks to Wil I not only feel better but I have gotten to the root of deep-set issues. I recommend Wil to my family and friends who are experiencing pain or limitations in movement; not only is he a knowledgeable practitioner, he knows the demands of my activities and provides great advice to keep me enjoying them for years to come.  Read more

    Leah Chang
  • Wil was the team physiotherapist for the 2008 Australian Masters Ultimate team. We made a decision early to find the best physio we could to manage the fitness of our 24 players over the course of the week long World Championships. This is a very grueling test for athletes, with twelve 90-minute games and players covering up to 14 km per game, involving sprinting, diving and sharp changes of direction. Within 2 days Wil had compiled a detailed dossier on each player and had established a routine of pre- and post-game appointments, as well as running repairs on injured players during game time. The result was that our team, with an average age of 35, thrived in the tournament and was physically in the best shape of any team that I have been involved with over the duration of a World Championship. The top Masters Club team from Australia then decided to employ Wil for their campaign for the 2010 World Club Championships in Prague. We will continue to pursue Wil whenever we play, wherever in the world.  Read more

    John Greenfield, Co-Captain 2008 Australian Masters Ultimate team
  • I honestly cannot see myself or my body being in the condition that it now is if it wasn’t for Wil.  I had a neck and back injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident.  Prior to treatment from Wil, I had almost no mobility in my neck and was in constant discomfort and pain.  From my first appointment with Wil I instantly felt at ease and had a renewed sense of hope that he was going to make a major difference in my recovery! And he did!  Wil is very proactive and thorough with his manual muscle releases, IMS treatments, and targeted treatment plans I have been able to return to all my normal activities.  I could not recommend a more professional, passionate and down to earth physiotherapist! Read more

    Patricia J
  • Thanks to the therapy provided by Wil Seto, I have been able to see a significant improvement in my range of motion and flexibility. He has a great attitude and personality, providing thorough and appropriate care in a very professional manner. I would recommend InSync Physiotherapy to any of my friends. Read more

    Karla Ferrario