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  • InSync Physiotherapy - Achilles Tendon Pain Achilles Tendon Pain Read the full article New!
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    Common causes of Achilles Tendon Pain are Achilles Tendinitis / Bursitis and Achilles Tendinopathy

  • InSync Physiotherapy - Knee ‘ACL’ Anterior Cruciate Ligament InjuriesKnee ‘ACL’ Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries Read the full article
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    The primary function of the ACL is to provide stability in the knee and restrain anterior displacement of the tibia relative to the femur. It also acts to restrain internal-external rotation and varus-valgus angulations and combinations of. Therefore an injury to the ACL causes a loss in stability in the knee joint.

  • InSync Physiotherapy - Whiplash (Traumatic Neck Injury)Whiplash (Traumatic Neck Injury) Read the full article
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    Whiplash “Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD)” occurs when a certain force is transmitted to the neck or “cervical spine”. Motor vehicle accidents, any sudden forceful movements of the neck, a fall causing impact on the head, or sports involving impact to the head can result in injury. Any acceleration and deceleration forces absorbed can cause damage to structures of the neck.

  • InSync Physiotherapy - Wry Neck (Non Traumatic Neck Injury)Wry Neck (Non Traumatic Neck Injury) Read the full article
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  • InSync Physiotherapy - Shoulder Impingement SyndromeShoulder Impingement Syndrome Read the full article
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    Injury to the rotator cuff tendon(s) when there is narrowing between the head of the humerus and the coraco-acromial arch (the arcomion & the coracoacromial ligament attaching to the coracoid process) thus causing subacromial crowding.

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Postive Shift

Positive Shift is a Personal Training Studio in North Burnaby, BC. Our 2nd floor studio is semi-private and perfect for people who don’t want the big gym experience. We offer active rehabilitation programs as well as fitness training. Our team of personal trainers and kinesiologists work to help people reach their rehab or training goals while making the gym experience a positive one.


Personal Training
The best way to train. One on one expert instruction.

Small Group Training
Train with a friend or join one of our small group training classes. Find the type of class that is right for you.

Workplace Wellness Programs
Workplace wellness is important because healthy workers are more productive and happier people. We offer custom programs to help offices become centres for wellness, productivity and health.

ICBC Active Rehabilitation
Exercise rehabilitation for people who are involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Positive Shift - Burnaby personal training studio offering fitness tests, group fitness, workplace fitness. Our personal trainers design fun workouts to get you energized.

Contact info

Phone: 778-706-2691
Website: Positive Shift
Mailing Address: Positive Shift Health and Fitness Ltd., #204-4580 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC V5C 2K4


The Vancouver Ultimate League

If you’re looking to play ultimate in Vancouver, the Vancouver Ultimate League (VUL) is the place you’re looking for. With nearly 4500 active members, the VUL is one of the largest ultimate leagues in the world. Summer League attracts the largest number of players, but Fall and Winter Leagues are also very popular with over 75 teams in each season. In addition to its league offerings, the VUL organizes clinics, camps, social events, and tournaments with the goal of developing the sport of ultimate while cultivating local community.

About Ultimate

Ultimate is a fast-paced, non-contact field sport, suitable for players of all ages. At the highest levels, many teams play in men’s or women’s divisions. At the recreational level it’s usually played in a co-ed format with men and women on the same team. The sport is played in more than 75 countries, with the largest number of players residing in North America. There’s over 30,000 recreational players in Canada alone!

All you need to play is a disc (frisbee), some cones, and a playing field. Games are typically played with 7 players a side, but there are many variations. The most unique aspect of recreational ultimate is that it's self-officiated - players make all calls themselves and are governed by a form of sportsmanship called ‘spirit of the game’.

How to start playing

The VUL wants even more people to discover and enjoy the sport of ultimate. The game is fun and simple, but it takes some time to learn the rules and basic throws. There are several ways to get started, depending on the time of year. See the ‘Getting Started’ page on the VUL website for full info.


Contact info

Website: The Vancouver Ultimate League
Mailing Address: The Vancouver Ultimate League, Box 53540, 984 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K7